PB & J Slight Return

You’re making it harder
for me to make my point.
Continuously I find
I can do nothing but stutter,
sputter out irrelevancies.
Inanity upon insanity escapes me
when you come around.
I’m not half the man I want to be.
All my strength simply abandons me
in your presence.

But ironically
in your absence
there seems no point in speaking.
Without you near
why bother?
I am left these days
a blithering ditherer when I see you
and a moping myopic,
blind to even basic pleasures,
when you’re gone.
What can I do?

Does this make any sense?
Am I successfully stringing words together
to get you to understand my central thesis?
If not
then I suspect
you’re already on your way over.

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