Jonathan Berger reads poems (he usually calls them “pieces”) on stages that are only slightly bigger than he to crowds that probably weigh less than him – in total. He tries to add new pieces pretty regularly, and if he fails, it’s probably just that life has got him down, you know?

Most every Monday, he recites at the Sidewalk Cafe’s Open Stage in the East Village of Manhattan. It’s an open mic, so don’t think he’s all that impressive or anything. He sometimes gigs, too.

Any questions? Leave a comment. Any suggestions for topics to write on? Take ’em to: http://jonberger.wufoo.com/forms/z7x4a3/.

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  1. jayackley says:

    Hey Jon! I’d love to chat with you about you possibly doing some reading as part of a night I’m putting on at the end of April – could you shoot me a note at jayajamin@gmail.com? thanks!

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