The Crush


She gives me headaches,
trying to think of what to say to her,
struggling to surmise the best lines,
the cleverest tactics to attract,
to ingratiate myself,
to indoctrinate her about my amazingment.

My head hurts as I excruciatingly attempt
to impress her
– or introduce myself, at least.
She doesn’t know me
or even how much she hurts me
with her presence,
so tantalizingly near,
yet terrifically far.

I squeeze my brain,
trying to connect synapses,
or drain mental fluid
to better tackle the problem.
How can I get her to know me?
How can I have her love me?
How can I win,
when I just want it too much?

These quandries crush my skull
crashing into my brain pan,
hurting my head.
Help, please,
Make her mine.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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