Terminate the Debate


There’s a movie
based on a book
based on a theory
that if you could use
more of your brain’s power
than the presumed ten percent
you could become
an unstoppable superhero
with powers far beyond
those of mortal ken.
The things you could do!
The kingdoms you could create!

I call bullshit
and I say "fie!"
as a man
who has mastered his head,
I know just what I’m capable of
and ain’t much.

I use three hundred and nine percent
of my brain’s capacity.
I am
by my own estimation
– which is quite extreme
(as you can imagine
{but I can know}) –
a lot
I work at Subway
which has just become
the most popular chain in America
since I sweep up
doesn’t say much about me.

The women do not swarm to me.
The money does not flow.
The calculations I can generate
do not offer my as many opportunities
as I’d assumed
when I used only two hundred and eighteen percent
of my head.

I am the master of my own mind
the smartest thing you’ll ever come across
it has helped
too little.

Nothing smart to say
Me either.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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