Damn Monsters


There are benefits to being a ghoul,
a goblin,
a monster in the night.
I can always find a spot on a train
or at the movies.
Nobody ever crowds me.

When I ask for something
however outlandish
I usually get it
– and quickly.
I was joking about a donkey’s weight
in cranberries,
but here it is.

the fate of the outcast
is not all that bad.
I don’t often get bored by idiots.

And yet
despite the protection from the worst of society
I would trade it all
if I could spy the smile
of a mother unconcerned
if I’ll make dinner of any of her children.

If I could smell the perfume of a lovely lass
because she had allowed me close enough,
that would be sweet.
I would happily forsake this cursed life
to have a taste of normalcy
– or virgin’s blood.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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