Say Goodbye to Hollywood


When they syndicated Bosom Buddies,
one of the finest shitty sitcoms in the seventies-eighties,
they presented it with a brand new theme song
that had actually been the original.

Though they perhaps thought
they had got it right that first time,
i was not as good
as the one that had aired
when the series was fresh
performed by a local artist
in a New York state of mind.

Why would they mess with the show?
In that second wind
they messed with our childhoods
– how I loved those days
treasuring the boy’s adventures under pressure
and their honesty tested
so often.
I miss the show as it was meant to be
when initially presented.

Had they not butchered the past
had they left that tender moment alone
I would have watched those reruns
over and over again.
But now,
I don’t care anymore…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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