Nether Regions of Newark


What we have before us
is unacceptable.
this thing
will not do.

Look ahead
and imagine
what will occur
if we have anything but
a zero tolerance policy
what we have seen.

Do you see?
Do you understand
this fate we face
if this goes on?
A line must be drawn
and we must say "No."

"No" to the words that oppress us.
"No" to the things that enslave.
We must allow nothing to get in our way
and they must allow us
to return this pizza
– this old soggy pizza
which smells like it came
from the nether regions of Newark –
at no cost.

Look! This cheese is uncooked.
Look! That crust is burnt.
Look! These are day-old fish innards
and not the anchovies we requested.
Look! Look! LOOK!

Now turn away
and refuse to face this thing today.
Give it up
and revert this pie of last reproach
to the back room from whence it came.

Send back this pizza of discontent.
None here shall dine on it tonight
except perhaps the wolves
and homeless that prowl about.
We seek better fare
with more olives
and we shall feast!

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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