The Steps


I didn’t tremble
as I walked up to her
and I didn’t cough
before I made my intro
and I didn’t mumble
when I told her my name
and I didn’t blurt it out,

I didn’t say “You’re crazy hot,”
and I didn’t talk to her friends
and I didn’t tell her how long it’s been
since I was inspired
to this kind of action
and I didn’t beg her to sleep with me.
Not with words.
Not with gestures
but maybe
using a variety of alternate means of communication
that were unsuccessful.

I didn’t impress her.
I didn’t seal the deal.
I didn’t get the digits
or even her Twitter tag.
I did not get what I wanted
but I got out
and I got up to her
and though I got shot down
I got into it,
and that’s something,

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