Park on Park


Her 364 days of sobriety
began with an unfortunate night
last year
when she had a little too much whiskey
and far too much bourbon.

She ended up on a park bench
on Park Avenue
minus her glasses
and her underwear
but with the value added
of a triple dose of shame.

She swore not to drink again
and, one say at a time,
has kept that vow
making amends
walking steps
living with the absence
of what was once so important.

And the apologies she makes
to so many of her friends and acquaintances
over the years
have been heartfelt
and embarrassingly awkward
and occasionally impromptu
as she sometimes flashes on
the most shameful details
in the strangest of places.

She has not apologized to me.
Is she saving me for later?
Does she not remember
what we did
and where we were
in the park near Park
this time last year?

She hasn’t said anything
and I hope
it is because
it was erased from memory
and not a mistake at all.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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