The File III


I have
locked deep down
in a box kept away
from all society,
a single simple sentence
that will tear her apart
the instant she hears it.

I keep it quiet,
share with no one my secret stock,
a sinister turn of phrase
that is cruel and unusual,
but perfectly suited
for its particular victim.
Oh, how she will be crushed
when she hears me say it.

She knows nothing
of its power,
its brutality,
the research required to compose it,
the pointed, planned effort of its execution.
She knows naught about my ultimate doomsday weapon
and hopefully
never will.

For after I detonate
this particularly potent mind bomb,
when I utter those eighteen syllables of destruction,
when I recite this unspeakable,
there will be no return.
This is my sentence of last resort
and I pray
she never makes me have to use it.

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