All Apologies # 019

Please , do not misconstrue my meaning or intent.
This is not so much an apology
as it is an explanation
– though certainly,
I’m sad that you’ve gotten this upset.

I was drunk, see,
and frustrated,
and it was our third date
but I didn’t want to press the point
because that would be inappropriate.
And you were not forthcoming
so when we parted
I saw her at the bar
and she looked so much like you…

I should not have slept with your sister
she was so lovely
– so very like you –
only more pliant,
and drunk.

Was it the right thing to do?
Was it understandable?
I think so
and would be remiss
if I didn’t mention
I would have been unavailable
for her
had you invited me up.

In any case,
I hope you’re willing
to schedule a make-up third date
and if not,
could perhaps hand the phone
to your little sis.

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