Les Is


Les is a moron.
Not that it’s a bad thing
but don’t cheat off of his tests
or have him do your taxes
or, you know,
pick up lunch.

Les is a moron.
He repeated first grade,
but thinks it’s because he was so good,
they needed him to model
for the other kids.
I don’t know where he heard that,
but the fact that he believes it?
Les is a moron.

Les is a moron
but it’s not entirely obvious
so when you meet him,
you may not realize.
Not even on the first date
or the second, or…
Fourth date?


Well, he’s a good guy, Les,
even if he is a moron.
You two may be very happy together,
so long as you like that sort of thing
or can learn to live with it
like I have.

He IS my best friend…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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