That First Draft

“And he would do anything to get it back”
is the last line
of the first draft
of the latest poem
that I wrote.
It was about a toy
and a boy
who was a goy
on Christmas Day
who received his heart’s desire
and found it wonting.

He found it broken
in that first draft
inspired by a TV show
and a children’s tale
and some effortfully
erased memories
I uncovered as inspiration.

The poem had value:
a good idea
with emotional strength
but poor execution
found it

So a second draft was born
– but borne further from the original concept
and ended up being more
about the mechanics of the toy
than the loss of innocence
and excitement
and, in some small way,

A third draft was just shit
so, finally,
a line was left
and a concept
and truly,
another poem entirely.

you must let something die
for something new to be born
though you would do anything to get it back.

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