My Big Rolls

Well, this hardly seems fair.
She got the loft,
she got the records,
she got about seventy percent of the friends
– which included all of the cute ones
(though they probably started off as hers
and now
with her new husband
and her new little puppy
she’s trying to get the bar, too?

I introduced her to this bar
back when it was The Rolling Pin,
before it became The Rolled Pig
but after it was My Big Rolls.
She didn’t like it at first
but grew to love it
as she did me.

Why couldn’t she treat this place
like me?
Why must she come here
so often,
so happy
with her hubby
and all those hot friends?
She’s not going to kick me out.
I’ll stay in this place I’ve loved so long
despite her worst intentions.
I won’t quit the Rolled Pig quite so easily
even if she and that man of hers
start to make out on the stools
and by the bathrooms
and beneath the pool table
or even right by my drink…

Oh, Jeez.
Excuse me.

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