Fredonia, WI

There is no such place as Fredonia, Wisconsin
if there were
I would go there.
I would trek out,
taking plane, train
or filthy rainslick,
hydroplaning my way
to that blessed town.

I would go
to that fictional place
in that factual cheese state
and I would settle down.
I would find a home there
in Fredonia, Wisconsin
And become exactly what
I always meant to be.

I would transform.
I would translate.
I would transubstantiate my way
into a newer way of being.
I would alter.
I will reactivate.
I will become what I always hoped to,
what I always meant to be
what I always wished to become.
I would
live in Fredonia, Wisconsin
happily ever after.

I would be at the end of my story
if there had only ever been
a Fredonia, Wisconsin.
As it is
I must stay with all of you
in a world without Fredonia.

There is?
Right off some lake?
Lake Michigan?
It’s there,
waiting for me?

Dear god.
Oh. .

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