Miss Take

I should not have done what I did
with you.
You shouldn’t have either
but I can see how you’d lose control
with one such as I.

I have no excuse
– but your beauty
and energy
and love for a life
I have grown so sickened and exhausted with.
I didn’t realize that the joy I found in you
was because you had joy in your life,
was so overflowing with wonder
that I could suck it
so freely from your tit
and you hardly noticed.

What you saw in me?
I can’t say.
I can’t imagine what pleasure you got
but I know
I do not belong with one so giving.
I have no right to take pleasure
in how you take pleasure.

I have no right to use these best years
of your life
when I squandered mine
so far back.

I should never have done what I did with you.
I knew better
and by now
I think
you do too.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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