Grievously Frequently

You have two and a half hours to do what you swore you’d do a month ago.
You have failed to keep your word
and are struggling
to correct your prior mistakes.

You are late.
It is lamentable
how lame you are.
Your procrastination has led you to this moment
– a moment you might never have noticed
if you hadn’t fucked off for so long
on so many pointless projects.

Why couldn’t you keep up?
Why do you have to fail
so grievously

so frequently?
What is wrong with you?

that was rhetorical.
I know you have more important things to do.
You’re in the middle of catching up
on a whole summer’s homework
in the hours before class.

What did I do so wrong
for you to be like this?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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