Horsin’ Around

Your doe eyes
Your horse heels
Your ponytail
Your gorgeous calves
and unbearable beauty…

The way you eagle-eye spied me
from a distance,
wolf whistled,
snaked forward toward me
dogging my steps
badgering me with your long hare and healthy talons,
you foxy lady…

And then dropped me,
you cold blooded bitch,
you cow, you old bat,
you dropped me like an albatross
then rabbited off,
well, that was something to crow about.

I miss you still, deer,
think back on your wild ass,
your beaver
and my… well,
I remember our mornings before roosters
with an elephant’s memory.

But I remember also
all your lion.
You were a cheetah
and, I know I’m better off
but if I could claw my way back into your life,
I would swallow every last bit
of your monkey business.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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