To Sender

It is…
to see you
and surprising.
After the events of December 12,
I did not think I’d hear from you again
and for a while
that was true.
But all streaks get broken eventually, don’t they?

It’s been some time,
hasn’t it?
You look,
well, amazing.
There’s no other word for it.
I could look at you like this
for as long as there is.

But it’s wet out
and far from anything
and it’s clear you have something to say.
You didn’t just “stop by,”
not up here.
We are not as done as I had hoped.

You came a long fucking way
to this lousy neighborhood
to do something
though honestly, I don’t know what.

Come inside,
It is cold
and I think we both know
that I could never turn you away.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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