Enemy’s Ache

My tummy hurts.
There is something sitting
at the bottom of my stomach
like a boulder
like a baby
like a big breakfast that never found a way to settle,
just kept exploring
searching for new places to conquer
new lands to invade.

My gut has been taken captive by hostile forces
that took advantage of my weakness:
my late nights
heavy drink
and a sad fixation on fried cake.
My body has been beaten
by my own horrible choices.

My tummy hurts
and I let this happen.
My tummy hurts
and I am the cause.
My tummy hurts
and I can’t fix it
and worse
there is no one who can
or will.

There is no one who might have protected me
fom my worst enemy.
There is no one to help.
No one will give me warm milk
or pink goop
or a plain piece of toast.
No one will serve me in bed
Seeking to make it all better.

I have no one to save me
to give succor
in the face of my stomach
and I ache all over again
over the actions of my worst enemy
and the choices that led us here.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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