Fault Lines

My greatest weakness?
Well, I hardly like the sound of that.
After all, why should I give you the reason not to hire me?
But if you insist…
(ha ha. Of course you insist!)

I would have to say
that my greatest weakness
is that I get too focused on my work
to the extent of all else.

my greatest weakness
is my family
– but it’s also my greatest strength.

I think my greatest weakness might actually be
the fact that I can’t get started
without my morning cup of coffee
and when I say, cup, I mean tureen!

My biggest problem
is that I get into arguments with coworkers.
Difficulties arise from my sexism.
My racism.
My fascism
and hairism.

I can’t seem to focus on Wednesdays
since I spend all my time thinking about camel sex
since it’s Hump Day
and then there’s the drug addiction
antacids are over the counter
so that’s gotten easier to deal with.

My biggest weakness may be my weakness
and how I can’t lift over forty pounds
– and that’s paper money;
most brits can do that without working up a sweat.

I am not smart.
I am not wise.
I am not interesting
or interested in this work.

Hold on.
I think I’ve got it.
The thing
that is my most substantial fault is two words:

No, wait…

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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