Song Remains the Same

When the new Sinead album was coming out,
I was excited.
My girlfriend had introduced me to her music
and her bald head
months before
hat girl’s love for me had faded
inead had not.

Driving through borders
the radio told me
a new song from Sinead was coming.
“It was written by Prince,” said the radio,
“You will like it.”

And it began
and I did
and the reception was hazy
and the sound was lazy
and I stopped the car on the side
to hear what compared to me
– which was nothing.

And the song faded
and I did not cry
but my passengers yelled at me to get going
so we drove on
to a record store
which was closed
since it was late.

It took me days to buy the album
which I wanted very much
until I got it
and have it still.
It is incomparable.

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