They Were Fab

When the Beatles get back together
– and they surely will
(when George said the Beatles would not reunite
so long as John remained dead,
he was joking,
and anyway, he’s dead now himself,
his word can’t possibly be worth so much now) –
it is unclear to me
in just what kind of configuration
they will be.

With two remaining members,
will they draft Julian and Dharma
(or whatever little Harrison’s kid may be)
to replace their pere’s
or perhaps ask Eric Clapton and snarky Dylan
to carry their weight?
Perhaps they’ll continue as a two-piece,
not half the men they used to be.
The could call themselves the Beat
– if the General Public allows –
or, if they want the hipster market,
maybe go by the LES.
They could, alternately, be called The Bals,
or, similarly, Teete.

Oh, the places they’ll go:
back to the USSR
Strawberry Lane and Penny Fields,
Kansas City or through the bathroom window
on a magical mystery tour
with Polythene Pam, Sexy Sadie, Anna, Michelle,
lovely Rita and so many more.

They’d be Mac Daddies.
They’d be Starrs.
They will be fab and gear.
They’d be grand
once they bring back that band.

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