Alex Norelli

Alex Norelli came to my show
and then got pissed when I didn’t go to his
because I had “better things to do”
so he’s boycotting me
in the most passive aggressive way:
“I’d love to come see you,”
he says,
“But my twin sister is on her deathbed.”
Whatever. I know what’s going on.

Alex Norelli is missing my show
and cutting off his nose
to spite my face
but my face is unspited
(Spite-free? Facially uninspited?
He is missing out
on what is no doubt
a life-changing experience.
He is missing me
play with my band
and we don’t suck.

Alex Norelli is at serious risk
of embarrassing himself
before his peers
by missing JUANBURGUESA play
at Tuesday, August 26th
at the Sidewalk Cafe.

Don’t be like Alex Norelli.
Be careful.
Be aware.
Come to my show.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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