Around The Way Girl

She’s a well-traveled girl
going all around the world
seeing places I’ve never heard of
hearing tongues I’ve never touched.
She gets around, she does.
I can tell from what she says
and how she acts
but never what she does
when me and she
are together.

She’s gone just about everywherebut won’t go
all the way with me.

She’s experienced;
knows things
makes references
that make no sense to someone like me.
She’s prepared for every exigency
like a girl scout facing some cub.
She’s knowledgeable
has wherewithal
understands the land
and her place in it.
but she won’t let me place nothing.

She knows the lay of the land
and won’t let me lay
anywhere at all.

She’s got pictures in New York
Old York
York, Pennsylvania
Yorktown Heights
and a couple on York Avenue
by the water.
She looks glorious with that beautiful brown background
behind her.
When I’m with her

she never gets wet.

She’s forever been around the way
but when I ask, she’ll always say
"No way. Go away. It’s not Okay."
She never lets my fingers stray.
Even waylaid, she won’t say "Yea,"
My hopes betrayed.
Perhaps she’s gay.
I daresay it’s just not my day.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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