Imp Room 10

The kid would have been ten now.

or she…
S/he could have been a runner
or a hockey player
or might’ve been hiding in the attic
reading books.
I’ll bet s/he would be a reader
like you.

I think back to then
and the worries
and dangers and costs of those days
and I can recall what went into
our options
and what was finally right.

What we did was understandable
and was the best choice
with the information we had.
I can’t gainsay our decisions
not with all the history
we’ve passed.
We did what was right
at the time,
I don’t doubt that

I also don’t doubt
how beautiful that girl
or boy
or hermaphrodite would have been
had we decided to let it.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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