Dark Ladies

What a strange coincidence, she said,
seeing you here.
You’re not stalking me, are you?

You have got quite the opinion of yourself,
I answered,
believing that I’m here
in any way, shape or form
because of you.

I mean, you’re right, of course,
I continued, how could you not be?
You are the reason I wake in the evening
and sleep into dawn.
You are the music in my coffee
and the milk in my tree.
You’re the kind of girl that inspires me
in all things
– legal, carnal
and otherwise.

I am here
solely because
I thought there was a chance
a possibility
a slim opportunity
that I might be able to see you
to talk to you
to have your smile rest upon my eyes.

I can only thank those dark ladies
I pray to when you are not around
that they have fulfilled my wish.
You are pretty full of yourself,
though, to think all that.

She laughed nervously
and walked off, prepared to hide her ego better in the future while I swore to myself
to be less honest next time.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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