Your Mouth

I think, by now, it’s clear:
things are not going the way
either you or I expected.
You keep telling me to watch what I say
but I can’t help but reverse it.

I am constantly staring at your mouth
watching the words that escape your lips.
I can see them
evil moths
rambling throughout the air
going wherever they want
poisoning all the way.

I see you spew your venom
at me
and everybody within listening distance
and I am transfixed.
Why do I stay so close
where your barbs
so visibly toxic
can cut and burn so deep?
What keeps me near that wretched maw
so hungry for pain?

I suppose there is beauty
in your cruelty
though it is not what I wanted from you
though you
probably hoped
that I would be a better friend, too
and not inspire such venom.

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