I ran.
I fled.
I left that place so quickly
both of our heads spun.
I couldn’t see where I was going,
I moved so fast.
I jumped.
I leapt.
I made my escape
at the first opportunity.
I found a better place to be.

I beat it.
I hit the bricks
I broke out,
I dashed,
I darted,
I traversed.
I found the path of least resistance
and I took it
at maximum velocity.

I scurried.
I was scared.
I was quaking
breaking free.
I was flying away
looking for a better place to be.
There was no faster way to flee
like if dogs had my tail,
I’d have gone up a tree.

I got out of there.
I got while the gettin’ was good
and got into a new neighborhood.
I looked for another place to call home
I found it
and I moved,
tout de suite
rapido, por favor,

I came.
I saw you.
You conquered
and I ran
as far away
as I could.

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