You may call my vision narrow
and solipsistically egotistical
or too prideful by far
but I find
the best subject I can capture
is me.

I could write about me
all day long
and often
I do.
I know me better than any other
and seek to gain further understanding
of my every nook and cranny.
I want to get me.
Really get me.
I want to paint portraits of my magnificence
and debasements
and everything in between.

But it can’t simple be
me on me eternally,
can it?
I must open up.
I need to devote more energy
to allowing others to interpret my actions
and learn how to live
ala Jon.
I have to get you guys
to see what I see in me.

It may not be a pretty picture
but it’s the best shot I have.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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