Hellbent and Wretched

Things are going wrong.
The day’s just begun
but you can feel everything hellbent
and wretched.
You’re a day short and a dollar late
to simply break even.
It’s not unexpected
but it ain’t no good, neither.

You’re in a fog.
Your head is in knots.
You’re speaking in the second person for god’s sake.
You know that can’t be right.
It’s a bad day, clearly
leading into a bad year.

And you hope you’re wrong.
You pray that
your precognitive gifts
are simply bad feelings left over
from a bad burrito
or something.
You want to believe
you’re taking things out of context
making molehill mountains
or seeing mold
where there should only be golden manna.

But you suspect
you’re reading things right.
Situations are getting tight.
You want to fight it
but you’re living with fright
and try as you might
there is a bathroom on the right.

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