Four Days of Love and Mud

When you’re going about your day?
When you’re going about your life…?
When you think everything’s normal
everything is average
everything is anticipated,
just the per diem expectation?

And then suddenly
without even looking for it
you stumble upon something
something sublime?
Something imperceptibly perfect?
Something that is somehow
fundamentally irreconcilable with your former existence?
Something that,
something that
simply by being there
is enough to challenge all your preconceptions and prejudices?

And you have to consider this new thing
this sublimity that has entered your life
and you realize there is a crossroads before you
an opportunity to change
to grow
to become your destiny
or at least to alter your current existence at a subatomic level?

And you wonder at your life
and the things that brought you
to that place and that little but of revelation
and ask yourself if you have it in you
to accept the change
and to bravely transform
as you have always wanted?

And in the deepest
darkest parts of your soul
you realize you are not that brave
not prepared to become what you are
or could have been
before that tiny bit of nirvana
entered your wretched life?
And you may never be worthy of
of joy
of happiness?

It’s been that kind of week.

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