Somebody told me
that no one deserves to be in love
with someone who doesn’t love them back
and that anyone who found themselves
in that situation
should look for a partner
who could reciprocate their love.

For years
I didn’t understand the statement
not having a core of self
to believe that i deserved anything better.
I thought unrequited love
was the best love
the only true love
for a romantic to have.

But now my life has changed
in oh, so many ways
and I get it.
I see that love is something
that can be shared.
Love is something for two people
not one.
I see it.
I understand
I simply reject it
for myself.

I will stay in the bushes
watching the object of my affection
so it need not be sullied
by mortal things.
It is for the best.
It is what I deserve.

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