Use of Language

I guess
in retrospect
we have different opinions
on the fundamental utility of language.
I presume it is ultimately used
to communicate ideas
from one individual to another
– sometimes of a memetic nature,
but more usually
for more localized transfers of information.

on the other hand
seem to want to use language
to obfuscate and lie
like a motherfucking rug.

You use words as a way to propagate deceit
while I strive to maintain honesty
in all things.
God, I want to see things clearly
so damned much.
Objectivity is the way to go
while you

I’m glad
at least
that you want to remain friends.
That is something
I suppose.
It is something
I may have to select
to reject.

You could have told me
when I asked.
You could have let me down hard.
Not cruelly
but simply offered the truth
as you knew it.
You used your words
in a technically accurate way
but still
kept me distant from reality.
The kindness you provided
was a disservice
and I wish you’d offered something else
if not with language
than with some other tool at your disposal
like a kick to the crotch
or a new lock on the door
that I had no key to open.

would have been better
than how you dealt with us
– literally anything.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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