What They Never Say:

When you told your sick dick jokes
in poetic form
at the open mic I happened to be attending
I understood why true art was
and that I had to manage you.
I just spoke to my other clients
and Bono and Sting understand;
they’re gonna have to take a back seat
while I put a plan together
to make sure your poetry is heard
in every household in the world!

When you aggressively commanded my attention
shouting over my quiet conversation
with girlfriends
I realized how much I wanted you
and needed to make you mine.
Forgive me my trespasses
and take me home with you.

Thanks for shaking up the club tonight.
The regulars were a little out out
if they don’t see the value
in your art
they should be chastened.
They should be run out.
This club of mine
needs to be more of a salon
and I should be more
of a patron of the arts.
My first movement
in this regard
is to ask
what I can do for you

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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