Yesterday it was a warm, inviting 54 degrees.
Today it’s a cold and wintry 55.
What’s the difference?
What has changed?
One person’s reaction,
a smile or a shun,
should not be so important.
How she treats me
should not change my day.

This has happened
far too often lately
and I do not endorse it.
If this is love
I’d like to change my order, please.
If this is love,
well it sucks.

This might be another thing, though.
One of the cousins, perhaps
perhaps it obsession
or crush
or indigestion,
I am not happy with the symptoms.
I am not satisfied at all
with these goings-on.

Let me get over it
think of something else
or someone else.
Maybe there is some other lass
that can occupy my attention.
Is there some way
I can refocus
and find a way
to get used to these temperatures?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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