I Was You

When I was you
I was desperate.
When I was you
I was rude.
I was embarrassed and simple and frightened
back at the point when I was you
for I was younger
and less experienced
and hungry.

I knew what I wanted
and knew it wasn’t good for me
but wanted it still
with a passion like a wave
wiping out everything before it.

I was ravenous
when I was you
and I did things
that I still regret
but I learned
and grew
and decided that being
how you are now
was not the way to be
and did what I could
to revise my behaviors
so it would never happen again

to me.
I changed things up
so I wouldn’t become like you.
But apparently
these things are cyclic
and somebody else had to me back then
and clearly
this time
that’s you.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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