On April 22 Which is Pesach Without My Father

For years
my father asked me
to lead Seder services
so that I could become more Jewy
and he could get a break.

He had me design the Passover prayer books
the script we would use
and I employed some of my favored skill sets
to do something clever, irreverent
and well-typed.
My favorite might be Haiku Haggadah.

After a certain number of years
he stopped asking me to lead.
Whether it was because he was so proud
of what I had done
or so disappointed
or that he was too tired
to have us host the event,
I don’t really know.
I have my theories
but that’s all they are.

I remember, though,
that for a while
my dad tried to bring me closer
to his God
by asking me to celebrate Him
in a way that was true to me.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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