I made a promise to myself
some time back
that i would never
sleep with a married woman
I decided it was not fair
to all the women
who had kept themselves available
in anticipation of my touch.

I swore
that I would eat no pizza
that was not made at Sal’s
or later
at Sal’s and Carmine’s
after they expanded the business.
It was my favorite slice
– it still is –
and I didn’t want to dilute my love
with a lesser pie.

I decided long ago
that I would shave my head
if I ever found my follicles were floundering.
That day came by
years and years
and years ago.

I have taken many oaths
on many subjects.
I have declarations…
more declarations
than you could imagine
and I’ve broken most of them.
The trick
is never to speak them aloud.
Keep your promises secret
so none can hold your feet to fire.
These are rules I set
at the beginning
and when I betray them
no one will know.

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