Innovated and Executed

You know what?
I wrote that already.
The ideas that you’re struggling to put down
are ones I’ve already imagined
innovated and executed.
The things you want to say
have already been said.
Maybe by Berry
maybe by Smokey
probably by Dylan
and definitely by me.
I’ve been there.
I’ve done that.
I’ve considered and conquered
more concepts than you could ever create
– probably.

This is nothing against you.
You’re new
a novitiate in this world of wonder
juggling globes
of your own making.
You’re seeking to scratch your thoughts into phrases
and make them real
and original.

You’re doing some of that
but not all of it.
You probably don’t even know
how you’re styling
on the shoulders of giants.
You’re biting my ideas.

It’s OK.
I understand.
You’ll figure out eventually
what words are still available
what plots have yet to be used.
You’ll get it together
as you get older
– and certainly
after you review
everything that I’ve trademarked
so far.

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