Oh, K

I’ve been meaning to talk to you
about this important issue
for months now.
The time has never seemed right
but I think
we can wait no longer.
This is a problem
that must be addressed
before the sun sees its shadow.

You never ask me about Kruger anymore.
I’ve remained silent,
maintained mum
but it’s been too long.
You never ask
about my old friend
and how he’s doing
or what he’s up to.

I get it.
Life goes on
and people grow apart
but it’s been a long time
and Kruger was always so polite to you,
sharing your Mad Dog
and borrowing your floss.
He always had a kind word
and even cleaned up his sick
that one time at your grandparents’ place.
Did the Lieutenant Colonel find any?

Kruger was cool.
Kruger was fun.
Kruger was something special
back in the day and
it strikes me
if nothing else
as odd that you can’t even be bothered
to ask after him
even after all this time.
It makes me wonder what you think about him
or me
or what kind of sociopathic monster
you might be
under that collar and rosary.

So if you could,
it would make me feel better if
at some time
you made the effort
to throw an occasional
“How IS Kruger?”
my way
and I’ll even give you an answer
if he ever takes the time
to speak to me again.

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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