“You’re a Friend of Mine”

The big man’s dancing
with the blonde swimmer
while the pretender looks on
eventually joining in.
They are good chums, all,
for the moment.
Even the pretender
(sometimes a lawyer)
is feeling kind of neighborly,
while noting the big man
is getting pretty close
to his swimmer girlfriend.
He allows it
since Mr. Big is tight with the boss.

They are getting along so well,
these three,
toasting together while toasted,
acting chummy,
honoring each other,
swearing oaths of fealty and camaraderie
that could never be broken.

It won’t last.
the jealous lawyer will no longer love the blonde.
she will find herself beaten down
by the pretender
and seek a doctor for blackened eyes.
the big man will accept a call from the boss
and cease hanging out
with these chums.
all any of them will hear from the others
will be memories,
echoes of prior promises
of eternal companionship

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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