She told me she didn’t like it
that I’d hurt her
and she wasn’t interested
in being around someone
who’d do that sort of thing

I said to her she was being silly
that she should take a beat
and think about what she was risking.

I said I loved her
and never dreamed of hurting her
and anything I might have done
any wounds or bruises
emotional or no
were unintentional.
I said I loved her
and hoped that it would count
for something.

She said
it means something
and she might even love me too
but the pain
emotional or no
was too much
and if I loved her or not
either way
she suffered
she needed to heal.

Then she said goodbye
and left
and now she’s gone
and I’m the one alone
with no one to talk to.

And I’m hurting.
How is that fair?

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