Final Admissions

After your ultimatum
I did as you asked
and I took a night
to think about our relationship
and I have come to the conclusion
that you were right.
I don’t think that
I will ever see you
as an equal,
just like you said.

It has been too long,
too any years of arguing
and me seeing you at your worst
for it to be likely
for me to review my impressions
and begin to think better of you.

I’ve tried.
Believe me
I’ve spent endless hours
listening to you chirp on
thinking “this time,
it’ll be different. Now
she’ll make sense.”
But I can never will it
to be so.
You are always
the ridiculous freak I first met
incapable of good decisions
or intelligent thought.

I’m sorry
but you were right.
I’ll never change
and I’ll never be able
to truly respect you.

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