To Stan Lee, Whose Birthday It Is on the Day That I Wrote This

Don’t die.
I know you have every right to.
I know you turn 94 today
and this has proved to be
The Year When People Die
and you are
among your many accomplishments
a people.
I know that stronger men than you
(younger, at least)
have succumbed to 2016 already.
I understand these things but
as a man of myths and marvel
you must understand
how important
story can be.
If you, the creator, fall,
then so falls the world.
But if you get out of this year alive
there is hope for us all.
Lead us not into desperation.
Give us hope, Stan.
Give us something to believe in.
Don’t die yet.
Not this tragical absurdist
shitfuck of a year.
Give us that one blessing, at least.

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