No Victor

God, those songs that you sang tonight
the first one
and then the second…
they made me so angry
angry at you
at me
and the universe
for allowing such atrocities to exist.
(“Mommy, if there is a god
why would he do that!”
“I don’t know, honey. I don’t know…”)

The lyrics were not so bad
as they were lame,
unable to transport in any particular direction,
just nonsensical images
that offer little in way of storytelling
or imagination.
But the voice?
The tragic melody you used?
Awful. Simply awful.
There were no winners
after your performance just now.
Nothing but a room full of losers exists before you.

I saw you looking at me
wondering if I would offer my opinion
but too many people
have told me if I had nothing nice to say
I should shut the fuck up
so my lips is zipped.

You will hear me say nothing at all
about your criminally horrendous set
no matter how much
I long to tell you the truth
and then tell you off.

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