To Trisha, To Whom I Have Not Spoken for Thirty Years (Probably)

I don’t know
if you remember the stone I gave you
past the middle of our Junior year?
It was a small golden disk
and on it was etched the word Integrity?
You hugged me tight
when you received it
but it was so small
you might have just left it at the dorm
when Summer came
like how we dropped each other
with nary a ripple
in our respective pools.

I was a little short
when I got that for you
at our one month anniversary
(which I guess was really just a mensiversary.
Look it up.)
so I didn’t buy you that gift
so much as procure it for you.

It was in Frankie’s room.
You remember Frankie?
I only do because of this.
It was his little rock
that I purloined
pocketing through prestidigitation
and then presented to you
in honor of that mensiversary thing.
It was so small
I doubt he ever noticed.

Like I said
I don’t know
if you still have it
or remember it
or recognize the irony
of my stealing a stone that clearly claimed Integrity
but I thought you should know
and if possible
I thought you should have the chance
(if you chose)
to return it to Frankie.

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