Remain Upright

Thank you for the warning
about these awful conditions
on these terrible days.
I appreciate the information
you so effortlessly offer,
but honestly
I have no intention of falling
for the foreseeable future.

When I tread upon the ice
I shall be upright.
I shall be strong.
I shall stride forcefully, carefully
and I will not stumble.
I will not crack.
I shall glide safely past all problems.

There are others who.
when faced with difficulties,
will choose to fail
rather that rise to the level of the test.
They opt to not succeed,
to fail, to fall to the lowest depths.
I am not one of those.
I am not a loser.
Instead, I shall win.

I shall win
and when I walk out into the wastes
I will be one who survives.
I will not be defeated
for I will decide to thrive.
I will not fall,
not if I have anything to say about it.

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