I just heard a lyric
that said
“you should tell your friends
that you love them”
or something like that.

The singer of said song
is now dead –
he passed tragically young
in a comical event
involving a synchronized swimmer
and a misplaced clock.
You might not remember him;
he was big in some alterna-funk/folk circles,
a real comer on the scene.

The album came out
a couple of weeks
after the aforementioned incident.
The timing was too quick
to be an intentional cash-in
on the semi-celebrity death
unless the release schedule
at indie labels
has sped up dramatically since the 90s
though I kinda doubt it.

It makes the song
seem somewhat apocryphal
and certainly a kind sentiment.
I heard the song
and thought you might like it.
that alterna-folk/funk
might be about your speed.
I thought I should reach out.
how’re you doing?

About Jonathan Berger

I used to write quite a bit more.
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