Only Words

Oh, is that so?
You didn’t mean to hurt me?
You had no intention
of letting the words you say
stray to my ears
informing me
of the very positions and ideas
that you STILL will not deny?
That is certaInly a relief.
that is just

No, it IS great.
It’s most excellent
that you had no plan to be hurtful.
That is simply wonderful.
It’s just that
whatever your intent
you seem so exceptionally able
to twist the blade
over and over
and you don’t even ever mean to.
Just imagine
how delightful it might be
if you ever got mad!
The mind reels…

Whatever your intent,
you were cruel.
Whatever little reasons you had
for what you did/said/scrawled on bathroom walls
doesn’t matter.
You had the thoughts.
You expressed them
and you think it’s some sort of saving grace
that you didn’t mean for me to hear them?

You can’t apologize
for what you said
because for you
it was true.
You can’t deny the intent.
You’re simply sorry
that you failed to disguise the truth.

Oh, yes.
Of course I forgive you.
If that ends this conversation
I will forgive you
until the cows come home
kill humans
and grind us all into humanburgers.
Now what can I do
to end any further conversation
with you?

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